The health and safety of all of our members is our top priority. In light of the coronavirus outbreak, we will be taking all necessary precautions to ensure that your experience at Panda Boxing is completely safe while never sacrificing quality and value. We will adapt all shared spaces to ensure they are up to code based on recommendations provided to us by the government and international health organizations to ensure our gym is safe and fully operational. For more information about the steps we’re taking, head over to our detailed page here.

Panda Boxing’s high-intensity classes are designed with the purpose of empowering you and give you an hour of your day that’s dedicated to your self-improvement. Our classes fuse the fundamentals of boxing technique with full-body conditioning in an explosive and energetic environment fueled by music that ignites your workout and pushes you to go your hardest. Here, you’ll be challenged to the core in ways you didn’t know were possible on both a mental and physical level. There’s a fighter in all of us—all you have to do is show up and we’ll help you unleash yours.


Your time is precious so make every second count with this 45-minute class; a high-octane workout designed to get you that knockout physique. Just like in a boxing match, you’ll work at varying degrees of intensity to ensure optimal results and an after-burn effect. This class consists of movements practiced by professional boxers, from power punching to bodyweight exercises. Put in the work and we guarantee you’ll see results: increased metabolism, considerable fat loss, and lean muscle definition.


PADWORK is a padwork-focused class that will sharpen your boxing fundamentals. Each boxer will go through rounds of pads working offensive and defensive techniques. This class is more than just a technical class, it’s a practice designed to teach you fundamentals of the art of boxing. You’ll enhance your technique, agility, and coordination to achieve an unprecedented level of fitness. The session concludes with a brutal, core-burning ab workout that’ll give you killer results.


In H.I.I.T. , we want you to achieve a boxer’s stamina and physique through strength and conditioning training. This class is designed to take your athleticism to the next level. We’ll work on building your strength and speed with a series of carefully crafted high-intensity workouts. You’ll be jumping, sprinting, slamming and pushing/pulling free weights.


RINGWORK is a high-intensity group class for the more advanced! It is composed of advanced boxing drills that will be used to improve footwork, defense and offense and ring awareness. You will be paired up with a partner to practice sparring drills that will push you to the next level. If you have previously participated to at least 3 months of group classes and feel ready for the next level of training, then bite down on your mouth piece as this class is designed for you!


    Members are encouraged to use the facility outside of class hours. Our open gym time gives our members the freedom to access the gym during open gym hours so that they can hit pads and bags, practice their boxing techniques, or partner up with other members and get that sweat. Your friends are also ours: Invite them to crush a workout with you and show them what the Panda Boxing community is all about!


    We encourage our members to train hard but we also believe that a functional range of motion as well as recovery practices are at the core of one’s fitness development. CORE & MOBILITY  is dedicated to take care of your body and recover through a wide variety of mobility  and core strengthening exercices such as stretching & foam rolling all in an upbeat environment vibe.



    Known as the art of the eight limbs for its combined use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins, Muay Thai is one of the world’s most complete martial arts, with a training regimen that offers a rigorous full-body workout sure to leave you spent…but so, so ready for more! In these intense and thrilling group training sessions, you’ll be taught how to punch, kick, elbow and knee, as well as practicing all the techniques and movements perfected by professional Thai boxers. Just like our Bags & Body class, you’ll cycle through varying degrees of intensity that mirror a boxing match, a training that will help you achieve fast results and help you reach your fitness and physique goals.


    Panda Boxing’s private training sessions (offered for 35min or 60min) are built to meet your individual needs. During a private training session, we’ll teach you proper boxing technique, help you get into the best physical shape of your life, and last (but not least) give you the tools to unleash your inner badass. We achieve this because we customize a workout designed to meet your fitness goals. Each session incorporates the modalities from a group class, but you’ll be training one-on-one with your coach, affording you individual attention for optimal success.

    Each session will involve a thorough warm-up round, pad-hitting, heavy bag-work, and strength and stamina building exercises. We’ll finish things off with a solid ab workout (sorry…but you’ll thank us later).